Herpes Monkey

Hide your booze and lock up your daughters. That damn Herpes Monkey is off the wagon again!

Herpes Monkey


Crafted By
Shawn Random

ANNOUNCER - Mike Ferguson
GIRL #1 - Erica Moore 
GIRL #2 - Mariyetta Arutyunya  
GIRL #3 - Jess Be
ANGRY WOMAN - Hanna Gansen 

Background sounds, Atmosphere, and SFX
Freesound - B3_bed_jumping.mp3 by Iamgiorgio
Freesound - champaign cork.mp3 by dreeke
Freesound - Door, Front, Closing, A.wav by InspectorJ
Freesound - Door, Front, Opening, A.wav by InspectorJ
Freesound - FAKE MONKEY CHATTER 001.wav by sandyrb
Freesound - hard rock loop 2.wav by zagi2
Freesound - jawharp_boing.wav by plingativator
Freesound - Jumping On a Bed by deleted_user_7146007
Freesound - Monkey Imitation 2 by AntumDeluge
Freesound - monkey scream.wav by saraonsins
Freesound - record scratch.wav by luffy
Freesound - Robin - Monkey by TeamMasaka

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Phonic Phoenix - Graphic Audio Sketch Comedy - Herpes Monkey
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