The votes are in and celebrity audiences have been gathered. The 20th annual "Your The Best" Awards can begin. But are you even in the running for "the best"?

Your the Best Awards


Crafted By
Shawn Random

ANNOUNCER - Shawn Random

Background sounds, Atmosphere, and SFX
Freesound - Applause.wav by nervousneal
Freesound - Applause 1.WAV by Sandermotions
Freesound - Approx 850 - Enthusiast Audience.wav by lonemonk
Freesound - cheering and clapping crowd 1 by AlaskaRobotics
Freesound - cheering and clapping crowd 2 by AlaskaRobotics
Freesound - Crowd applause.wav by Adam_N
Freesound - Crowd clapping.mp3 by CosminPa
Freesound - drumroll.wav by adriann
Freesound - drumroll1.aif by ddohler
Freesound - www.soundbyter.com_LargeAudienceClapping.wav by 
[Royalty Free] Awards Background Music for Nomination Trailers and Ceremony Opening

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