Sitcom - Part 1


Part 1 of 3


A TGIF type of Sitcom explores 4th wall meta-breaking aspects of the TV family world.

Crafted By
Shawn Random

MOM - Alexandria Delgado
DAD - John Paul Sutliff
BOBBY - Jeffrey Hartman
HANNA - Mimi Rose
SUSIE - Leah Larson
AUNT KAREN - Allyson Taylor
THE DOCTOR - Seth Hill
BARRY - Shawn Random

Background sounds, Atmosphere, and SFX
Freesound - Approx 850 - Enthusiast Audience.wav by lonemonk
Freesound - Audience Cheering by unchaz
Freesound - Audience Clapping.wav by FoxZine
Freesound - aww.wav by phmiller42
Freesound - Bike_Wreck.wav by 1sticky8
Freesound - CENSOR BLEEP.wav by xtrgamr
Freesound - Corny Christmas sitcom opening by fmceretta
Freesound - Crowd Ouch.wav by Adam_N
Freesound - Dropping by HukoSP
Freesound - Gasp 4.wav by jayfrosting
Freesound - Glass Smash, Bottle, A.wav by InspectorJ
Freesound - nixeno - hospital room ambience with clock, hear
Freesound - ShortChuckle3.wav by ehohnke
Freesound - ShortSoftChuckle2.wav by ehohnke
Freesound - WaHi siren to loop.mp3 by chripei
Freesound - Whoo1.wav by ehohnke
Freesound - Wolf Whistle.wav by Gogglecrab

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