Journey through the varying levels of the less savory corners of the black market and the underworld as Shawn is lead to his big important Hollywood dinner meeting with the Devil.

Dinner with the Devil


Crafted By
Shawn Random

HOSTESS - Yolanda Laverde
SHAWN - Himself
DEVIL - Micheal Ferguson

Background sounds, Atmosphere, and SFX
Freesound - 026_Ext_Día_Ambiente de musicos en calle en feri
Freesound - Anal sex by Nicol_15
Freesound - Auction Ambience 3.wav by ecfike
Freesound - carpet_08a_womanshoes_walk.wav by sturmankin
Freesound - Casino Background Sounds by Airborne80
Freesound - Door - Cupboard 07.wav by JarredGibb
Freesound - Door, Front, Opening, A.wav by InspectorJ
Freesound - Door Open Close by amholma
Freesound - Door opening stairs walking.wav by BonnyOrbit
Freesound - Door sliding along a metal track by wlabarron
Freesound - Door_wood_creak_1.wav by o_ciz
Freesound - Door, Wooden, Close, A (H1).wav by InspectorJ
Freesound - Fight Night in Poland.wav by tom_woysky
Freesound - Footsteps in Street Woman.wav by Stevious42
Freesound - Footsteps Walking Down Stairs by deleted_user_71
Freesound - Girl Sexy Moaning.mp3 by Dpath
Freesound - Growling and Barking Dog.wav by AdmNaismith
Freesound - HellCenterOfTheEarth.wav by tc630
Freesound - Jared's Gate to Hell.aif by oldedgar
Freesound - kitchen-door.wav by lundgree
Freesound - Man's sex noises 4 by safadancer
Freesound - Metal_push door open3.wav by pagancow
Freesound - moaning woman while having sex by launemax
Freesound - morocco kitchen ambiance by Eelke
Freesound - OfficeStore Door Bell Jingle (on a string) by Ep
Freesound - Puerta.wav by rdpipo7777
Freesound - R21-12-Two Men Fight Grunts.wav by craigsmith
Freesound - restaurant2.wav by sagetyrtle
Freesound - Sex groaning 2 by safadancer
Freesound - Slot Machine_01.wav by JoannaLuna
Freesound - Something opens.aif by MaxWiley
Freesound - the entrance to hell by celestino.anthony
Freesound - thin metal sliding door close by kernschall
Freesound - unlocking metal door .mp3 by soundmary
Freesound - Walking on pavement.wav by JohnsonBrandEditing
Freesound - Walking woman by Damiaan
Freesound - Water Drip Loop [mono] by DWOBoyle
Freesound - woman heel in airport.wav by bruno.auzet
Freesound - wood_08a_womanshoes_walk.wav by sturmankin
Freesound - wood_08a_womanshoes_walk.wav by sturmankin
Gee - Smooth Jazz
Sexy Background Music Royalty Free _ Romantic Saxophone Instrumental Music _ Sexy Moves

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