These days everyone is all worked up over something. Politics this and cancel culture that. This trend has even impacted the all American barnyard.

Encroaching Rooster


Crafted By
Shawn Random

ROOSTER - Jeffrey M. Hartman
DUCK - Jaun Carlos
HORSE - Larry Costelas
GOOSE - Yolanda Laverde
SHEEP - Roxanne Garcia
PIGLET - Laura Lee Walsh
GOAT - Robert Javinett
HEN - Samantha La Rocca
KID - Mateo Espanosa

Background sounds, Atmosphere, and SFX
Freesound - 20070812.rooster.wav by dobroide
Freesound - 20130403_duck.04.wav by dobroide
Freesound - Angry Pig Oinking by josepharaoh99
Freesound - Australian-WoodDuck1.wav by digifishmusic
Freesound - Chicken Talk.wav by Zajjman
Freesound - Cow.wav by Benboncan
Freesound - Cow Scream by gibarroule
Freesound - Farm Ambience.wav by ramiro1007
Freesound - Horse_Whinny.wav by foxen10
Freesound - Horse Whinny, Close, A.wav by InspectorJ
Freesound - News End Signature.wav by mansardian
Freesound - Rooster chicken calls_1.wav by AGFX
Freesound - rooster cock NL kukeleku 01.wav by klankbeeld
Freesound - Sheep.flac by Erdie
Freesound - sheep bleats 02 160830_0957.wav by klankbeeld
Freesound - sheep on pasture.wav by Bluesy1905
Freesound - Sliding Door Barn.wav by soundslikewillem
Freesound - snorting horse.wav by soundslikewillem
Rossini's famous beginning of _The William Tell Overture.

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