Come on we've all played the game... How much?

How Much To Go Gay?


Crafted By
Shawn Random

GUY #1- John Beers.
GUY #2 - Shawn Random
HOST - Ali Cheff

Background sounds, Atmosphere, and SFX
Freesound - 05629 gentle audience clapping.wav by Robinhood7
Freesound - 06276 cash bonus.wav by Robinhood76
Freesound - Approx 850 - Enthusiast Audience.wav by lonemonk
Freesound - Audience Clapping 2.wav by FoxZine
Freesound - awww 01.wav by tim.kahn
Freesound - boo 01.wav by tim.kahn
Freesound - Concert audience applause 5 by thaighaudio
Freesound - coughing by Eelke
Freesound - counting bills.wav by keweldog
Freesound - Crowd ambience, eating popcorn.wav by IllusiaPro
Freesound - Flying Castle Ambience by Seidhepriest
Freesound - group_shocked8.aif by thanvannispen
Freesound - magical rising wind or sea .wav by martian
Freesound - Remix of 86862__milton_intro_remix_#2.wav by Tim
Freesound - Space Radio Interference.wav by
Freesound - Vape Inhale & Exhale by RuanZA
Freesound - water pipe 2.wav by THE_bizniss
Freesound - Whoo1.wav by ehohnke
Freesound - Winner! - Metal Bell Ringing Remix by Podsburgh
Energetic Rock Background Music Instrumental [Copyright Free Music]

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