Congratulations on the new house... a real fixer upper! But I know that's the way you like it. Hey! When was the last time that house had its monster proofing updated? I'd get on that right away. Monsters can be the worst, you know?

Monster proofing this old House

Part 3 of 3


Crafted By
Shawn Random

DAVE - Cameron Weir
FRANK - Ted Cipicchio
BETSY - Luara Lee Walsh
MARTY - Eric Schincer

Background sounds, Atmosphere, and SFX
Freesound - Busy bar ambient sound by ericlemans
Freesound - Car interior by Kukensius
Freesound - Drill by GowlerMusic
Freesound - Hammering Nails, Close, A.wav by InspectorJ
Freesound - Hand Saw Sawing Wood by deleted_user_7146007
Freesound - INDUSTRY CONSTRUCTION SITE 01.wav by sengjinn
Freesound - Truck Starting 001.wav by yottasounds
Freesound - t_start1.mp3 by roscoetoon
Freesound - WAR-TANK-ENGINE RUNNING-Leopard 2A4 engine runni
Silent Partner - Local Saloon (Royalty Free Music)
truck drive away - ZapSplat

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Phonic Phoenix - Graphic Audio Sketch Comedy - Monster proofing this old House Part 3
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