Onion Soup

Everyone loves curling up on a chilly day with a nice bowl of hot soup. The aroma, the warmth, the unknown deep-seated emotions bubbling up to the surface. Mmm I'll have seconds please.

Onion Soup


Crafted By
Shawn Random

PHIL - John Beers III.
FRED - Shawn Random

Background sounds, Atmosphere, and SFX
Freesound - 37 - 17 Boiling water.wav by 14FPanska_Nemec_Pet
Freesound - Chopping and peeling onion + cheese grilling by 
In The Forest 2 - Acoustic Background Music (Royalty Free)

Official Site: https://www.PhonicPhoenix.com 
Follow on Twitter: @theShawnRandom 
Feel free to reach out to us at PhonicPhoenixProductions@Gmail.com

Phonic Phoenix - Graphic Audio Sketch Comedy - Selfish Younicorn - Onion Soup
Phonic Phoenix: Phonic Phunny - Full Cast, Graphic Audio, Sketch Comedy

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