the Heist

Can you do something just because you saw someone else do it in a movie?

the Heist


Crafted By
Shawn Random

JIM - Mr.Henri's Podcast
CARL - Shawn Random
COP - Foster Manley
RADIO - Yolanda Laverde

Background sounds, Atmosphere, and SFX
Freesound - 26-WalkieTalkie.wav by Leoctiurs
Freesound - 04187 fast reverse car stopping on dirt.wav by R
Freesound - BODY FALL - STAGGER - GET UP by leonelmail
Freesound - Bug Zapper.mp3 by tonycarlisle
Freesound - Car Door Handle.wav by RutgerMuller
Freesound - car door slam by theshaggyfreak
Freesound - ECU-(A-XX)144_phase2.MP3 by awaka
Freesound - Electrical Shock (Zap).wav by BigKahuna360
Freesound - hop7.wav by felixyadomi
Freesound - Human Runs in Boots by scriotxstudios
Freesound - LARCHER_Lucas_2018_2019_laser saber.wav by univ_
Freesound - Police Radio Chatter.wav by Guardian2433
Freesound - Power failure.wav by ATG65
Freesound - Radio Beep by Kijadzel
Freesound - running by Topschool
Freesound - Scfi_Electric_Hum_01.wav by xixishi
Freesound - sim police siren.wav by THE_bizniss
Freesound - Sizzling Sausage.wav by joe_anderson22
Freesound - walkietalkie_eot.wav by IneQuation
Noir Music _Schoolyard Spy_ Royalty Free

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