While reading an ad, Shawn becomes confused over the details surrounding this new sponsor.

Wandering Wanda's worals and widgets


Crafted By
Shawn Random

PRODUCER - Mister Henri's Class Podcast
SPEAKER - Shawn Random

Background sounds, Atmosphere, and SFX
Happy Upbeat Background Music - No Copyright
Freesound - Splash, Jumping, G.wav by InspectorJ
Freesound - Spring Birds Raw (New Jersey) by hargissssound
Freesound - Stream River Water Up Close by jackthemurray
Freesound - Tube Static Ambience by luminousfridge
Freesound - Vinyl Needle Skip.wav by ZeSoundResearchInc.
Freesound - Walkie Talkie onoff.wav by cs2975871
Freesound - dead.mp3 by Kneeling
Freesound - Dinosaur Dragon Growls by Mega-X-stream
Freesound - DRAGON_ROAR.wav by JoelAudio
Freesound - Girl laughing 05.wav by Hawkeye_Sprout
Freesound - Girl_Scream.wav by tcrocker68
Freesound - Paper Fluttering.wav by bbrocer
Freesound - phone-intercom-noise-ep.flac by Timbre
Freesound - Chewing, Carrot, A.wav by InspectorJ
Freesound - ChtorrChewingMan.wav by jeltzvogon

Official Site: https://www.PhonicPhoenix.com 
Follow on Twitter: @theShawnRandom 
Feel free to reach out to us at PhonicPhoenixProductions@Gmail.com

Phonic Phoenix - Graphic Audio Sketch Comedy -  Wandering Wonda
Phonic Phoenix: Phonic Phunny - Full Cast, Graphic Audio, Sketch Comedy

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